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Smart Parents, Richer Kids

This module is based on the bestselling book Smart Parents, Richer Kids. The book is currently going into second reprint. This module will reveal the secrets of the participants the “8S Smart Parents Financial Strategies” that can enable a family to have stronger financial position as well as training their children on good financial habits from young. The strategies have benefitted me personally to increase my Net Worth within a short time such that I was able to live only with income stream.

What you'll learn...

Save First

  • Build the solid foundation for the family financial
  • Find effective ways to train the kids on the value of money
  • Create a brighter future, today.

Set the Standard

  • Teach us how to live within our means, happily!
  • Be the “Jones’ family” whom others look at as the benchmark
  • Show the way to prioritize what is important to the family
  • Teach the kids how to value their stuff and use them for a long, long time.

Simplify Budgeting & Investment

  • How to automate the process & have time for other things
  • Find ways to pay your wife to stay at home!
  • Find the investments that meet our objectives
  • How to train the kids on money matters from young

Spend Smartly

  • Find hundreds of ways to save money, everyday
  • Enjoy good family life without depleting your resources
  • Instill good money habits in the kids

Severe Conditions Planning (Emergency & Insurance)

  • Find ways to plan for the worst
  • Learn to adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining the course
  • Learn what and how to plan

SiX – Source of Income Expansion

  • Learn several ways to multiply your income immediately
  • How to survive with a single income stream
  • How to love your job while ethically expand your income
  • How to create home-based business for your spouse

Share the Rewards

  • Understand why we need to share
  • Find the best ways to share
  • How to instill caring attitude in our kids

Smile and Stay Cool

  • Find ways to enjoy the family without spending money
  • Learn inner peace and eliminate needs to spend
  • Teach the kids that the good things in life are indeed free!

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