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Smart Parents, Happier Teens

This seminar will dive into the weird world of teenagers and how parents can finally understand their teens’ behaviours. We will go through ten practical steps any parents can take to improve their relationships with their teenage children.

What you'll learn...

Epilog: Mind Maturity Process – Why Teenagers Are Different Creatures?

  • Understand the four stages in the development of the mind (Baby – Children – Adolescents – Adults) and their differences
  • Creating a parenting strategy at all levels, focusing on the youth phase

Building Emotional Connection

  • Recognize the “love virus”
  • Build a and a loving and happy family
  • Learn how to “communicate” without yelling or nagging
  • Reduce the pressure and stress on teens, while still able to encourage them to excel
  • Fostering polite and courteous teens

Positive Power & Authority

  • How to balance the absolute power of parents
  • Understand the consequences of abuse of power
  • Know how to use that power effectively

Friends or Foes?

  • Must we be friends with them?
  • How to strike a balance between being a friend and a parent

Freedom Within Boundaries

  • Educate the youth to listen, be disciplined and responsible
  • Tackling the problem of too much time spent watching TV, playing computer or video games
  • Establish an effective “reward and punishment” system
  • Negotiating for their rights and limits

Studying Smart

  • Improve the academic performance within one to three months
  • Finding their strengths and weaknesses to match with interests and careers
  • Learn how to classify their subjects and make plans accordingly
  • No more last-minute studying when the exam is approaching

Leadership By Examples

Disclose the techniques that will:

  • Develop your teen into a future leader
  • Instill a high level of confidence in them
  • Converts a nervous teen into a competent speaker
  • To provide an accurate roadmap of life

Negotiating with Teens

  • How to negotiate with teenagers
  • Find ways for “win-win” partnership with teenagers

Parents as Coaches

  • How parents can be a “coach” and a “consultant” to a teen
  • Understand ways to educate them in the most effective ways in shaping their future directions

Diving into the Life of a Teenager

  • Sleeping, Social Media, Songs, Soap Opera (Dramas), Shoes, Styles
  • Discover what they love
  • Adapting family’s and teenagers’ needs

Spiritual Quotients for Teens

  • Learn how to be grateful and trust in God
  • Instill good values in teenagers
  • Enjoy peace of mind no matter what happens

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