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Smart Parents, Happier Employees

People have called Work-Life Balance with various names. Many working parents have given up and begin to accept that the long hours away from the family is a necessary part of their jobs. New technologies such as emails, mobile phones and BlackBerry and unfavourable economic condition contribute to tilt the balance further away from the family. “How can I balance my life better?” This is a big question, and the answer will be different from one person to another as everyone is in a varying situation. However, the steps to finding the answer can be similar. The good news is, for every problem, there is a solution. This course will share with you proven strategies that many people across the globe have found working. What you will find is a systematic approach to address this nagging problem. The course is divided into three parts and eight topics, as listed below.

At the end of the course, working parents will be able to address their situations better and apply these strategies to improve their work-life balance. Who should attend Managers and leaders who deal with Gen-Y and Z

What you'll learn...

Staying Positive

  • Creating positive aura at home and work
  • Managing your moods
  • Creating priceless moments and feelings to remember
  • Ways to stop whining and start living

Clarify Your Roles

  • Use the “5 Fingers Rule” to identify your key roles
  • Building a buffer zone between each role
  • Managing the unexpected demands from each role

Fix the Root Cause

  • Finding your root cause of unhappiness/inefficiency
  • Offer ways to fix common root causes
  • Creating a sustainable plan

Plan for Quality Time

  • Different types of quality time
  • “Busyness” vs business
  • Overcoming “electronic invasion”
  • How to make 10 minutes with your family feels like an hour

Leverage Technology

  • How to work less but deliver more
  • Turning technology into your slave, not the other way round
  • Learn about “One Touch” and “Clean Desk” Policy

Leverage Humans

  • How to seek help and create alliances
  • Outsourcing & delegating
  • Teamwork at home
  • Being part of the team: creating friends, not enemies

Enjoy Success at Both Places

  • What success looks like at home
  • What success looks like at work
  • How they are interrelated
  • Understanding the price of each

Don’t Stop Believing

  • Importance of SQ on top of IQ and EQ
  • Finding solace through social and spiritual work
  • Cleaning your perspective on your job and family

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