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Parenting Across Generations: Understanding & Inspiring Gen-Y

This workshop will reveal how to handle employees from the three different generations: Baby Boomers, Gen-X and also “Millenial Generation” or “Gen-Y” who are actively working together in your organization. It will give a whole lot of new perspective in handling the employees of different generations through a series of thought-provoking exercises, encouraging them to honestly share their feelings towards other generations as well as sharing their own challenges. Focus is also given to Gen-Y especially, as they are the ones who are technology-savvy, high EQs, do not like to wait and sit around and many more new challenges. All these could be the main reasons

why there are conflicts between the different generations at work.

What you'll learn...

Hostage at The Table

  • Discover what’s holding you “hostage” & ways to liberate yourself

Characters of new-age Leaders

  • From “Good to Great” – why we have to change
  • The 5 Level of Leadership Thinking
  • The Icebergs & Hungry Lions risks and how to overcome them

Leadership Character Self-Assessment

  • The GAPS Analysis
  • The Johari Window Analysis
  • The PIE for Success

Mind Maturity Process

  • Understand the 4 phases of mind maturity process
  • Be aware of their characters at each phase
  • Formulate action plans for each stage

The Evolution of Time & Ages

  • Understand the rise and characters of each generations
  • The rise of Industrial Age & its characters
  • How Information Age had changed the game
  • Create action plans to deal with the changes

Characteristics of Different Generations

  • The “Durians” vs “Strawberries”
  • Building the generational bridge
  • Learn the positive compromise technique for win-win-win

Keys to Overcoming Generational Differences

  • Understanding your own generations
  • Finding what you wish others understand about you
  • Analysing what you admire in others
  • Analysing the challenges you face in the organization

Situational Leadership: “From Nagging to Coaching”

  • Learn about the positive and negative usage of power and authority
  • Understand the difference between “Boss” and “Leader”
  • Discover several common characters of negative and positive leadership
  • Learn the art of leadership by coaching

Action Plans

  • Guided formulation of organizational action plans to address the gaps

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