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Leadership4Kids: Making Your VOICEs Heard & Finding Your Passion

This module is about sharing what the future looks like. Sharing will be done on the available opportunities based on their academic performance, capabilities and interests. It will also prepare the students’ minds to grab the opportunities and maximize their potentials for a brighter future. At the same time, it is also about getting their feet firmly on the ground by focusing on the power of families. Other focuses include strengthening their personal leaderships and equipping them with some basic soft skills needed to excel in the university years and beyond.

What you'll learn...

The Power of Vision

  • Understand how to create a powerful and motivating vision via the “Fried Chicken” motivational story


  • Able to connect the events that had happened in their lives thus far, and reapply the lessons they bring into today’s situations


  • Understand why failures are just another tool to push them forward and create the necessary changes


  • Know how to recognize people to trust
  • Understand the power of being trustworthy through high integrity and compassion

Characters: Life is a Beautiful Struggle

  • Understand why leaders need to struggle to lead
  • Recognize leadership and the art of struggle
  • How to let struggle can make them stronger


  • Learn about personal responsibility and the power of taking initiative
  • Learn to stop the blame game and start taking actions

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