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Frequently Asked Questions

I am skeptical. Does the strategy really work?

It has worked well for me, not only for myself (when I was in primary school), but also to my 3 kids. None of them attend any tuition classes, yet they are all in Top 5 of their respective classes, frequently occupying the number one spot. My eldest son had not always been in Top 5. He was struggling during his Primary Year 3 and 4, with average grades in the seventies, percentage wise. That was when I went full scale executing the Learning Smart Strategy with him. He showed drastic improvements within one month, and by the third month, his grades were safely in the nineties percents.

My kids are very “normal” as in not super geniuses or anything like that (though I would have loved that). They attend the government national school like most others do. Hence, I strongly believe it works, not only to my kids but to yours too.

Who will benefit the most from the Learning Smart Strategy?

From my experience, primary school students will benefit the most. However, the strategy is universal enough to be applied to even secondary school students. This is because the approach is about taking control of and getting involved in their studies. What you will find is the easiest, low-cost ways of doing it. It is designed for parents who are both working and have a very limited time to spend.

Why should I believe you?

What is your qualification to share the strategy? I am, first of all, a father myself. I am also working full-time, just like you. I understand the typical Malaysian parents’ issues, problems and dilemma as I also face them. I am very involved with my kids’ studies and found that this is the secret to their success. I am active at their school too – I am the Chairman for the school’s PTA (a.k.a. PIBG). I have been active in PTA for many years, and have helped other parents to resolve similar problems with their kids.


I have been invited by the school to give a talk on the strategy as well. All my kids are doing well academically, including two who scored 5As in their UPSR (one actual UPSR, the other in a mock UPSR). They are the beneficiaries of the Learning Smart Strategy. I have saved thousands of dollar and hours of time by not sending to any tuition classes. My kids are the living proof of that, plus a few more other parents’ kids.

How is the strategy different from the ones I can get from books out there?

Good question. Most, as in 99.9% of the parenting books out there are imported from other countries, mostly the U.S. Although their strategies are good, they are written for American readers, addressing American parents’ concerns. While many of those concerns affect us too, they are not customized enough for our situations. What are our situations that are different from theirs? Plenty! Let’s take a look at some of them below:

  • Asian curriculums, in general, are more very exam-oriented than that of the Western
  • Both Asian parents are typically working – long hours at that
  • Asian students are very academically competitive
  • Asian parents and students are depending more and more on the tuition classes
  • On top of that, Asian students are also loaded with other activities, such that they spend too much time away from what they are supposed to do – just being a kid!


I have written the Learning Smart Strategy (and my book for that matter) based on our Asian challenges as described above.

How is your Learning Smart Strategy different from the book (Smart Parents, Brighter Kids) that you are writing?

Admittedly, the idea and strategy is the same but the presentation is very different. In the e-Manual, I have structured it as such that you can get started right away. The main differences (available in the e-Manual but not in the book) are:

  • There is a self-assessment to know where you and the kids are standing
  • There are Action Plan Sheets that you can use right away to create your own action plans based on your situations
  • There are an additional 2 sections:
    • The Secrets of the Brain – a simple way of understanding how our brains work, and how can we maximize its potential
    • The Secrets of Memory Techniques – a step by step guide on how to memorize anything within a short time – can be practiced by kids and adults alike.

How fast can I see the results?

It ranges from “immediate” to 3 months. In most cases, the results are seen within one month. What do I mean by “results”? It is the improvement in your kids’ ability to understand the subjects and their capabilities to resolve the exam or test questions.

How many pages is the manual? Is it in English? Will I understand it?

The e-Manual is 20 pages (A4 size). There are 2 versions available: English and Bahasa Malaysia version.

What’s in the package – what will I get?

You will get the following for only RM90:

The Learning Smart Strategy e-Manual which consists of the following key topics:

  • The secrets on how to take control of your kids’ studies without the need for tuitions, yet remain or move to top of their classes
  • The secrets of the brains, explained in simple and actionable language
  • The memory technique, suitable for folks of any age


In addition, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Free “Smart Parents Club” membership where you will receive FREE monthly e-Zines on parental issues; be able to send me your parenting questions; and be on the priority list to attend my upcoming parenting seminars for FREE or at minimal cost.
  • Receive 10% discounts on my upcoming books, starting with “Smart Parents, Brighter Kids”.

How will I get it?

The package is available in 2 formats:

  • In a soft copy format (PDF file) and will be sent via e-mail
  • In a hard copy format and will be dispatched via Pos Ekspress at no additional cost


You will get the package via soft copy as soon as your payment is received and verified. For online payment, this is just a matter of minutes. For conventional payment (cheque, money order) your order will be e-mailed or dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your payment. For Pos Ekspress dispatch, the actual delivery will depend on their services, but it is typically within 48 hours.

What online payment system that you use? Is it really safe?

Yes, we use a local service called NBePay, operated by a third-party service provider called NetBuilder (M) Sdn. Bhd, an MSC status company (website: the services is supported by all Malaysian banks and have safely been used by thousands, if not millions, of Malaysians. Oh, by the way, its service is governed by Bank Negara Malaysia under Payment System Act, 2003.