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Watch Your Language, I’m a Kid!

I don’t mean just bad languages, but more of harsh language that will have a huge impact on kids’ emotional quotients.


Ever wonder why we (me included) are so nice to colleagues, friends, neighbours or even strangers, but suddenly turned into Edward Hyde when talking to our kids? It’s strange but true. Some will raise the voice, speak with sarcasm, nag, criticize, or all of the above. Imagine someone in a higher authority (read the boss) is doing it to you. I don’t think you would classify him as one of your favourite boss, would you? But lucky for us, we could change jobs or asked for transfer.


But for kids, they have no choice. Teenage kids and younger are ruled by emotions rather than being rational. They will take our harsh words to heart – some may sulk quietly while others may slam the door. Either way, it’s not good for their EQ. Ask any experts and they will say that kids are very sensitive and cannot rationalize the situation, no matter how “wrong” they were (heck, even some adults can’t).


The lesson?


Watch our language. When there is a need to nag, scold and criticize, turn the urge into positives – teach, show and give feedbacks. Focus on the kids’ ACTIONS and not him per se. Isolate him as a person from the situaton. Instead of saying “why YOU always get it wrong” (nicer version of “why you so s****d one”), say “let me show you the way so that you understand”.


Practice it often and watch your relationships grow into something wonderful!


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