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1-Minute Tip: Leave the LONE Luggage Alone

As we approach the weekend (already?) and start a brand new week, I would like to remind myself and other Smart Parents about what I called “LONE” luggage. It stands for Luggage of Negative Energy (copyright) that we have accumulated over the week. A lot of items have gone into the luggage – stress, frustrations, anxiety over the deadline, incomplete tasks, and so on.


What I would recommend we do is to leave the LONE luggage at the back of our car when we reach home later in the afternoon. Do not worry about it. Instead, devote your energy and attention to the family. Play with the kids and go out to do something fun. In my book I wrote about many low-cost activities that a family can do to obtain the 4th L – Leisurely Family.


I can guarantee you that, after a good interactions and leisure over the weekend, you will find the LONE luggage will be a lot lighter, if not magically disappeared, when you open the trunk on Monday morning!!


Zaid Mohamad


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