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1-Minute Tip: Communication for Kids

“Mummy, what is “jack”?” Aina came running to ask her mum who was busy hanging the clothes. “A person’s name?” Rose asked back, trying to guess what it was all about.


“No, it’s a thing you put under a bus”. By now, Rose dropped the clothes basket and exclaimed “WHAT???” with a confused look.


“It’s a thing people put under a bus when it broke down. I saw a picture in my essay book, and I have to identify all the things in the picture” Aina clarified. “Oh, I see” Rose let out a relief sigh. “Jack is an equipment that people use to lift up the bus when they need to go underneath and fix it, or when they want to change the tyres” Rose proudly showed off her mechanical knowledge.
Kids tend to ask “one-word question” without properly painted the background or context of the situation. I have been asked by them “what is exoskeleton?”, “what is Twister?” and so on. At every opportunity, I will remind them to give me the background and context before I answered them. A few minutes would have been saved, on top of avoiding a potential miscommunication.
I think it is a good communication skill training – to be clear and concise by having a proper background and context. It is also a good way to force them to be organized in their thinking process. I told them that in the adult world, those who can communicate properly will have the advantage over those who do not. And now is the best time to train them to be an effective communicator.


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