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1-Minute Tip: Celebrate Improvement, Not Just Results

When he was in primary school, Faisal came home one day from school, smiling broadly. He immediately shared the news – he was in 7th placed in his class. I hugged and congratulated him generously. Why? Because in the last exam , he was in the 15th place!


This is a huge improvement – 105% to be exact. Yet, I could have easily frowned on his 7th place, if I looked at it purely from the results standpoint. That would have poured the cold water on his sense of achievement, and would have immediately demotivated him.


I thank God for the wisdom to celebrate improvement, not just actual results. It is a positive experience, and a hugely motivating for the kid. The next step was to challenge him to be in Top 5 next – a very possible target given his newly-found confidence.


I would also encourage you, the Smart Parents, to do the same. Celebrate improvement, no matter how small.


Zaid Mohamad


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