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Great parenting – if done smartly – is still possible in today’s hurried world and challenging environment. Children are like the white canvas and the parents have the paint and the brush to create their masterpiece. Many social problems faced by the younger generations today are preventable. Human mind and soul are terrible things to waste.

It's all about the kids

This is why Smart Parents Network is created. It is a practical solution via the Smart Parents’ “7L Strategies” of Love, Limits, Learning Smart, Leisure Family Time, Leadership For Kids, Lend a Hand and Leave It to God.

The strategy is the right balance of EQ, IQ and SQ. Ultimately, we aim to inspire all parents to come together, embrace these challenges and change the world, one kid at a time!

Zaid Mohamad

Certified Parental Coach by Coach-Parenting™ USA

Best in the Biz

Zaid Mohamad is the bestselling author of Smart Parents, Brighter Kids and Smart Parents, Richer Kids. He also writes for weekly “Smart Parenting” column in The New Sunday Times and monthly “Work-Life Balance” column in The Star. In addition, he is also a Certified Parental Coach and CEO of Smart Parents Network.


Prior to this role, he was a senior leader in Procter & Gamble Asia for 14 years. He now conducts leadership training, corporate coaching for senior leaders as well as parenting strategies workshops for working parents. He regularly appears on TV, newspapers and even host radio programs.


He holds an honors degree in Finance from the University of Bridgeport and graduated with Summa Cum Laude (the highest honor level) and initiated into Sigma Beta Delta society, and was even listed in “Who’s Who in American Colleges & Universities” in 1996.


One of his missions in life is to be a very involved parent. He strongly believes in the analogy that children are like the white canvas and the parents have the paint and the brush to create their masterpiece. He has read many parenting books to prepare himself as the artist. Over the years, he and his wife have also developed their own parenting strategies called the Smart Parents’ Strategies. He himself was subjected to similar strategies when growing up, to become the very first student in his primary school to score 5 As in the Standard Five Assessment Examination.