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Great parenting – if done smartly – is still possible in today’s hurried world and challenging environment. Children are like the white canvas and the parents have the paint and the brush to create their masterpiece. Many social problems faced by the younger generations today are preventable. Human mind and soul are terrible things to waste.

This is why Smart Parents Network is created. It is a practical solution via the Smart Parents’ “7L Strategies” of Love, Limits, Learning Smart, Leisure Family Time, Leadership For Kids, Lend a Hand and Leave It to God.

The strategy is the right balance of EQ, IQ and SQ. Ultimately, we aim to inspire all parents to come together, embrace these challenges and change the world, one kid at a time!


Do you want to learn how to:

  • Create the best foundation for your child in the First Few Years of Life?
  • Practice the “7 Rules of Love” within your family?
  • Smartly and effectively “Set the Limits” (rules, using ABCD method) that kids eagerly want to follow?
  • Apply “Learn Smart, Not Hard” techniques – NO tuitions required?
  • Apply secrets of low cost “Leisurely Family” outings and activities?
  • Sow the seed of Leadership & Social skills TODAY for better tomorrow?
  • Lend a Hand – find what you can do to give back what you have received, to make rooms for more?
  • Learn how to sit back, relax and “Leave it to God”?
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Change the Way You Think About Parenting

The book that started it all! Bestsellers and reprinted three times, reviewed by readers as “5 stars”, “Loaded with tips”, “Can’t put it down”, “It’s my key reference now”, “Awesome”, and “Deeply touched my heart.

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What parents think...

Norina Kassim, Petaling Jaya

Seminar yang terbaik dan termurah yang pernah saya ikuti. Kandungannya padat & praktikal. Saya sungguh terkilan suami tidak dapat bersama saya di hari tersebut. Saya mempunyai anak2 yang masih kecil dan seminar ini memang memberi tumpuan kepada pendidikan anak2 seusia ini. Penyampaian En Zaid yang sangat relax dan terbuka serta tidak formal menjadikan peserta tidak malu berkongsi masalah dengannya. Dengan ilmu asas2 keibubapaan yng didedahkan menjadikan saya lebih terbuka dengan anak dan saya ingin rasa seronok mendidik mereka. Kerana sebelum ini saya sangat stress bila mendisiplinkan anak-anak.

Yusnamariah Md Yusop, Seremban

Panduan dan tips yang diberikan banyak membantu saya untuk merancang kehidupan dan perbelanjaan keluarga. It was a wonderful experience when I went shopping with list and surprisingly I can save money and time! TQ.

Theriana Hj Masri, Kuching

Menarik, membuka mata & minda, mengandungi informasi2 & tips yg sungguh berharga & tidak ternilai, membuat saya amat teruja untuk menjadi seorang ibu yang lebih baik.