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  BESTSELLERS!! Ibu Bapa Bijak Anak Hebat

Sebuah buku yang mendalami isu-isu keibubapaan berdasarkan strategi-strategi yang terbukti berkesan.  Ditulis oleh seorang bapa untuk tatapan ibu bapa lain.  Memaparkan masalah dan perkara harian yang dihadapi oleh kita semua.  Merupakan satu formula yang seimbang di dalam misi kita untuk menjadi ibu bapa yang berjaya.  Ia menyentuh semula kebanyakan perkara asas tetapi amat penting, antaranya perkara yang kerap dilupakan - 'menyayangi dan disayangi'.

– oleh Zaid Mohamad, Jurulatih Keibubapaan Malaysia Pertama & Pengarang buku terlaris “Smart Parents, Brighter Kids”

Dapatkannya sekarang dengan harga RM39.90 (+RM5 belanja Pos Ekspress*) atau US$19.90 (termasuk penghantaran pos di negara lain).

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  BESTSELLERS!! Smart Parents Brighter Kids

(See the book summary below)

Here is a book that addresses parental issues based on proven strategies. It is written by one parent to another, featuring the day-to-day matters that parents will instantly connect to. This book is a timely released masterpiece, a well balanced formula amidst our search to be a human-parent. It has revisited many basic but salient points of parenting, among others, the long forgotten substances - 'to loved and be loved'.

– by Zaid Mohamad, Malaysia's First Parental Coach & Author of “Smart Parents, Brighter Kids”

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  BESTSELLERS!! Ibu Bapa Bijak Anak Mewah 
Strategi mudah untuk melahirkan anak yang lebih pintar, kaya dan lebih bertanggungjawab

Penuh dengan tip yang berguna untuk menguruskan kewangan keluarga bagi rujukan ibu bapa untuk menanam tabiat kewangan yang bagus dalam diri anak-anak. Satu bacaan yang berguna bagi mereka yang mahu manamatkan kesusahan dalam perbelanjaan dalam mengejar kebahagian. Pakar dalam bidang masing-masing, Penulis buku bestselling, Azizi Ali (Millionaires Are From Different Planet) dan Zaid Mohamad (Smart Parents, Brighten Kids) berkongsi perjalanan keluarga menuju kebebasan dalam kewangan menggunakan “8S” Strategi Kewangan Ibu Bapa Bijak.


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  BESTSELLERS!! Smart Parents, Richer Kids

Smart Parents meet Millionaires Coach!  Zaid Mohamad teamed up with Azizi Ali to produce this explosive book.  Full of hot tips on how to manage family finances for parents who want to impart good money habits for their kids AND enable one parent to stay home full-time.  A must read for anyone who wants to end the vicious cycle of spending money in pursuit of happiness.  Experts in their respective field, bestselling authors Azizi Ali (Millionaires Are From Different Planet) and Zaid Mohamad (Smart Parents, Brighter Kids) will share their family journey towards financial freedom using the proven “8S” Smart Parents’ Financial Strategy.


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In The News...


Zaid Mohamad berkongsi tips-tips keibubapaan dalam Harian Metro:

  • Jangan Terlalu Mendesak: "Peraturan 10-90" yang ibu bapa boleh amalkan untuk mendapat lebih kerjasama dari anak-anak. Baca di sini.
  • Bukan Hanya Tegah Tapi Awasi: Langkah-langkah keselamatan yang perlu diambil ibu bapa untuk keselamatan anak di dalam dan luar rumah. Baca di sini.
  • Hubungan Terjalin Di Waktu Jaga: Tips-tips untuk memisahkan tempat tidur, faedah-faedahnya serta risiko-risiko jika sekeluarga tidur sebilik. Baca di sini.
  • Bijak Merancang, Jimatkan Kos: Sebuah percutian yang indah tidak semestinya memerlukan kos yang tinggi, tetapi perancangan awal dan pengisian yang bijak. Baca di sini.
  • 7 Cara Rapatkan Hubungan Keluarga: Tips mudah dan praktikal untuk bergembita secara maksimum dengan keluarga. Baca di sini.
  • Rama-rama, Anak dan Kehidupan: Pengajaran berguna dari seekor rama-rama yang terperangkap di celah tingkap.  Baca di sini.

Zaid Mohamad membincangkan isu-isu keibubapaan di dalam program Malaysia Hari Ini: 

Motivasi Penghayatan Semangat Ramadhan

Pengajaran Dari World Cup

Sang Semut & Si Belalang: Cara Menerangkan Isu Gaza

Rumah Berperaturan, Anak Berdisplin

Let Kids Be Kids



Beruntung Keluarga Bahagia: Ramai anak-anak yang ingin menagih sedikit kasih-sayang dan perhatian dari ibu bapa yang semakin sibuk. Baca di sini.

The Smart Guide: Zaid Mohamad takes hands-on parenting to new heights in his book. 

RAISING children is probably the most difficult task in life, and made all the more complicated by the fact that there are no prerequisites to becoming a parent.  Read more.

Smart Parents in The Breakfast Show:

Watch it here...

Parenthots: Using TV to promote family bonding

ALMOST every household has at least one set. It is a source of entertainment and education, an essential lifestyle item in society. However, the television has also been branded the idiot box and blamed for obesity in adults and children.  Read more.


Sunday People: A Father You'd Want to Meet. 

His kids are described as wonderful and he’s often approached for parenting advice. SU AZIZ finds that the amiable and easy-going Zaid Mohamad, is first and foremost a parent.  Read more.

Smart Parents Financial Guide

Zaid Mohamad & Rosnawati Rahman talk about how to raise a family with a single stream of income.  Get their tips and learn how they do it.  Listen now.

Book Summary
I have written a book to outline in details my “7L Smart Parents Strategies” that I have personally practiced with a great degree of success. What are the “7Ls”? They are:

  • Lots of Love;
  • Limit for Everything;
  • Learning Smart;
  • Leisure Family Time; and
  • Leadership Skill;
  • Lend a Hand.
  • Leave It to God.

Put together, I call them Smart Parenting strategies to create Brighter Kids. Although they are more skewed towards primary school years (age 7 – 12), the principles are universal enough to be applied to younger and older kids.

Here are a glimpse of how the Smart Parents, Brighter Kids strategies can offer to improve your family and avoid future problems in the teenage years:

Benefits to You and Your Kids

1. Practice the “7 Rules of Love” from young

  • Create a happy, loving home
  • Show you a way to make the kids actually listen to you without yelling and nagging
  • Reduce pressure and stress on the kids, yet they still strive for the best
  • Create polite, respectful kids / teens

2. Smartly and effectively “Set the Limits” that kids eagerly want to follow

  • Create obedient, disciplined & responsible kids
  • Less stress in controlling the TV, PC, PS2 time
  • Institute a fair and effective rewards & punishment system
  • Remove any little chances of our kids from turning into future “Mat Rempit”, bullies, etc

3. Apply “Learn Smart, Not Hard” techniques – no tuitions required!

  • No need for tuitions any more!
  • Improve your kids' grades within one to three months
  • Enable parents to be aware of and leverage their kids' strength and weaknesses
  • Learn how to classify their subjects and plan for each accordingly
  • No more slogging over books nearing exam time

4. Apply secrets of low cost “Leisurely Family” outings and activities

  • Improve family bonding immediately
  • Retain sanity in the household
  • Rediscover life
  • Recharged and ready for more

5. Sow the seed of Leadership & Social skills TODAY for better tomorrow
Reveal the techniques & activities that can:

  • Mould your kids into future leaders
  • Instill high confidence to socialize
  • Turn your nervous kids into an engaging public speaker
  • Provide a sense of direction – remove tendency to “lepak” or other time-wasting activities

6. Lend a Hand – Find what you can do to give back what you have received, to make rooms for more

  • Show you the effective ways to “give back in order to receive more”
  • Learn how other parents have successfully lent their hands to make lasting impacts
  • Be inspired by the true stories

7. Learn how to sit back, relax and “Leave it to God”

  • Offer hope in the Higher Being, whatever your belief is
  • Instill strong values in your kids
  • Get a peace of mind no matter what

Here’s what people who have read the book said:

Hello Mr. Zaid,

I came across your articles in the NST on smart parenting and managed to get your book. It is fantastic. I can’t put it down.  I like the way you write. It is easy to read the book. I think our parents should have had it years ago! (that’s what my friend said in his sms)

I have finished your book "SMART PARENTS BRIGHTER KIDS".  I honestly could not put it down.  I really enjoyed it.  I will continue to recommend it to my friends.

But honestly, you have a beautiful way of writing: it is easy to read your book. Moreover I like the idea that you have many suggestions for the parents etc.

Maureen Ann Muthu, Retired Teacher, Sg. Petani, Kedah


Loves the book and the way it is written - so very close to heart. Alhamdulillah.. I could not have been more blessed to meet you through your book!! Continue the great effort ..GOD BLESS YOU. Insya-Allah Together we can change the world .. ONE KID @ A TIME.

Nurriz Jay


Just bought ur book, its so AWESOME!..can't put it down once start reading it. It's the best parenting book i've ever read...good job, Zaid...

Zie Mohd Ghanie


I bought your book. Very,very interesting and very, very useful specially for Asian parents. I am enjoying every moment of it...must recommend to friends.

Masako Lee


"Absolutely packed with tips...with so many interesting things. Very easy to read, and we look forward to the next one!" - Will Quah & Joanne Rosario, NTV7 Breakfast Show Personalities
"A great book for all parents. a very easy and fun read, yet packed with actionable tips. An international bestseller in the making" - Kathy Welker, American mum of 3, a globe-trotting senior leader.
"Love the public speaking (training for kids) part..." - Zuraida Mohamed Noordin, mother of one
"Love your book *thanks*. Your book has some sort of gave me an idea on how to raise my newborn baby the way I want him to be, insyaAllah. He is only 6 months old but I can't wait to apply all the rest of the techniques inside your book coz seriously, who doesn't want to have smart kids like yours *wink*" - Hijrah Bassett, a new mum
"What a great package. Totally useful for any parents" - Anhul Chauhan, an expat in Malaysia/Singapore.

"Thanks Zaid!!!...You helped us a lot! I did apply some of the techniques from your SPBK book. Let's pray for other readers of your books to be successful too!" - Azean Rizal, Mother of three boys, Subang Jaya.


“No expensive investment required; just practical guides that were long obscured by narrowly defined modernity and parenthood. This book has reminded us of the power of togetherness, to work hand-in-hand with your spouse and kids – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in planning their future. I saw that Zaid's and Rose's moves documented in this book not only embedded in the academically-oriented process but also in the spiritually-oriented suitable for every parent regardless of their faith.”

Eyja Kushairi
PhD Research, University of Bristol, U.K.


Zaid Mohamad has not only written an inspirational and energizing book for parents, he has succeeded in writing the new leadership guide for parents to bring up leaders in Malaysia. A must read for new parents who aspire greatness for their kids!!

Roshan Thiran
CEO, Leaderonomics
( A social enterprise dedicated to bringing leadership development to kids, youths and adults from all walks of life)

“Finally, a book that offers practical solutions to parents who are committed in preparing their kids for a successful future. From my observation through my career in Human Resources, I have seen so many young adults who are not nurtured from young to face the demand and rigours of life. Here is one possible solution, and it is deliberated thoroughly in this book.”

Bani Zainal Azmian
Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
Malakoff Corporation Berhad


Zaid & Rose: First of all, I'd like to say, HIGHEST CONGRATULATIONS because you've written a practical guideline on how to be a smart parent. BOTH of you are really smart!! I've already practiced some of the strategies my self. And I found it very useful!!. Congratulations!! You've done it excellently well! You managed to explain clearly the practical way to organize/train your children with discipline & instill self responsibility within themselves.

Zul Rahim
PhD Candidate Division of Occupational Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences The University of Queensland

"Tips which can be re-applied. Be prepared to challenge your parenting skills. I am inspired by you and what you are doing”

Mr. Rizal Razali
a father of three HR Manager in a global MNC (previous expat to Australia)

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